Enrolling in an Online Nail Technician Course

171An online nail technician course includes manicures, pedicures and sometimes advanced subjects like gels, acrylic nail and other forms of artificial nails or nail art. It can also include a variety of training on how to perform hand and foot massage on clients. An online manicure technician course also teaches an aspiring nail tech to have better communication skills with regards to their customers. It also involves proper training and proper application of artificial nails which are very common and popular among women of today.

Artificial nails are those fake nails which are applied to the natural existing nails. It may it be a full nail, just a tip or tip overlays, or extensions. Some kinds of artificial nails are acrylic nails which are very popular, the gel nails which are more expensive compared to the acrylics, the wrap nails, silk and fiberglass nails. Correct and proper maintenance as well as removal of these artificial nails is also a must and it is also taught to the individuals who have enrolled in an online salon technician course.

There are many schools that offer wide-ranging nail care training to individuals right now. Statistics show that today’s generation, people tend to be beauty conscious and that they wanted to look more pleasing and attractive. Even the tiny details are a must for them. They have to look well-groomed all the time so extra attention and care to their fingernails and toenails is very necessary.

It is important to maintain a healthy look for the hands and feet. Learning different kinds of nail techniques from various courses can help individuals realize that taking care of and maintaining healthy nails is very important for it can also affect the overall appearance of a person. Seeing a person in a stylish and glam dress and branded shoes makes one very alluring but it is a total turn off if one sees that, that same person has very dirty and unsightly fingernails or toenails. Many aspiring professional athletes will get pedicures as well, because they understand the importance of taking care of their feet and keeping them healthy.

Better enroll in a an online manicurist school now or better yet, in an online nail technician course to add to one’s knowledge about nails. When looking for a nail technician course online, make sure that you know what you are taking the course for, and if it is to become a licensed nail technician, make sure to check with your governing board. Whether your getting licensed or just improving your skills and having fun, enjoy yourself!

False Toe Nails Make the Feet Look Hotter

8Surely after the nail industry developed fake nails in the 1970’s, they eventually progressed to making fake toe nails. It is actually quite sensible since our feet get the most bashing in our body on a daily basis and toe nails easily get fungi or ingrown nails and eventually rot… Yuck!

Today it’s all about beautifying the feet and fake toe nails. The nail industry has not only come up with fake nails, they have also recently developed acrylic nails which would be best used as fake toe nails. For those who’ve kept their feet in covered shoes for years because of the reasons mentioned- this is literally a breather.

Fake It Yourself

Here are 10 easy steps in applying fake toe nails. Follow the instructions and you won’t go wrong:

1. Soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes.
2. Apply foot scrub and start exfoliating dead skin cells using your hand or pumice.
3. When done, wipe off all the scrub cream making sure that nails are thoroughly dry.
4. Put cuticle remover drops on toe nails; leave it for a few seconds then push the cuticle to reveal a cleaner nail bed.
5. Clip the nails or file them down to short length.
6. Try the fake nails on and trim to fit the nail beds perfectly.
7. Apply glue or acrylic gel on top of the nail
8. Put the acrylic nail on top of the nail bed, pressing for about 5-15 seconds.
9. Repeat the process to all toe nails.
10. Shape and color as desired.

Summer Trends ’09

So, you gave yourself a pedicure and you got your fake nails on – there’s no stopping you from enjoying the summer wearing any sandals of your choice! Show off those feet by putting nail stickers on or perhaps choose a fake nail kit that has design on them to begin with.

The best way to wear these fake nails is still to show them off in French Pedicure which is simply painting white or light colors at the tip of the nails and applying sheer or nude colors on top.

If you trip accidentally of if any nail comes lose, just glue it back on and you’re good to go. If you insist on wearing your shoes, make sure that your shoes have space enough to accommodate the extra length or that you won’t be too active so as to injure the fake nails.

The Egyptian royalties must be looking down on us watching how men today have solved the issues concerning dead or injured toe nails. Go grab your sandals, hit the beach and make them proud!

Fake UV Gel Nails For Healthier Appeal!

7Well manicured hands, long curvy, well-polished nails can certainly leave many heads turn and gasp for another look of your beautiful hands.

If your nails aren’t really enhancing your personality, opt for artificial UV gel nail that are safe, light and sophisticated. If your finger nails are too soft and keep chipping, UV nail gels provide you a perfect solution by rendering your nails with an enviable glamorous and sleek look.

UV Gel nail are one of the types available in artificial nails. The other types include non-UV gel nails, acrylic nails, wrap nails and solar nails. UV Gel nails perfectly match up to working women looking forward to maintain a gorgeous appeal every day. Since UV gel nails are absolutely odor free and curable, they are a perfect wear for your office and vacations. Experts say that these gel nails are much better than acrylic nails since they have a comfortable fit and a natural appeal. They are sleek and non-porous, thus, there is not even the slightest of chance in infecting any fungal ailment. These nails not only look gorgeous, but also protect your nails from yellowing, breaking, chipping and incurring other damages.

These nails stay lustrous and longer than your regular nail paint. Owing to their extremely light weight and comfort fit, sometimes, you don’t even realize you’re donning fake nails. You can trim or shape them without the fear of their breakage or crack as they are strong and durable enough to hold through the pressure. And not to forget, removing these nails isn’t a nightmare like others. You don’t have to soak your nails into some weird solution for hours. They can be easily removed by filing them off.

These nail accessories are a perfect wear for those seeking to make their own style statement. Due to the natural look of these nails, they boost in you oodles of courage to flaunt them in public and get a few head-turners admiring your new assets. These nails are not only your personality enhancers but also help you cure your otherwise dull looking nails. Once you apply them directly to your nail bed, they can be cured within 2-3 minutes under the UV lamp, thus, offering a permanent solution to all your nail ailments. Unlike acrylics, which keep breaking and chipping on and off, these durable UV nail gels are long lasting and ever-lustrous. Now, doesn’t that save you time and money spent on regular visits to the salon to get the acrylic nails fixed?

Now you know the secret behind the beautiful luring nails. So, go and get these UV gel nail today from a popular brand and bedazzle every one with the beauty of your hands.

Take Care of Your Nails in Between Professional Manis and Pedis With These Tips

170Nothing ruins a fully made up look more than a chipped nail or ruined nail polish. When you have properly manicured nails, you will simply look very well put together. The problem is that over the years, putting on too much chemicals from the nail polish, acrylics, gels, cuticle remover, fake nails, stick-on nails and all the other stuff that you put on your nails will take its toll.

If you don’t properly care for them, your nails will grow to become yellowish, weak and unhealthy. To prevent these from happening, there are plenty of things that you can do to care for the health of your nails in between professional manicure and pedicure sessions at the salon.

How to Care for Your Nails in Between Trips to the Nail Salon

To get you started, here are some tips to keep in mind when caring for your nails in between trips to the nail salon:

– Know how to properly care for your cuticles. You use your hands for a multitude of tasks so you would not want to hurt them when getting a manicure. The problem is that incorrect cuticle removal by some nail salon technicians cause infections and damage to the fingernails. Remember that cuticles are there to serve a purpose, which is to protect the nail bed from inflammation and infections. The proper way to remove cuticles is to apply some lotion to soften them, then gently pushing the cuticles back. Only the excess should be removed, not the entire cuticle. Once the excess has been cut off using nail clippers, cuticle lotion or hand lotion can be applied to keep them moisturized and soft.

– Let your nails breathe every once in a while. If you’re never seen without perfectly polished nails, you are not necessarily giving your fingernails room to breathe and be in their natural state. If you don’t have an important event to attend, anyway, let your nails be in their natural state – kept clean and short – for at least a week. Do the same thing if your nails have turned yellowish from putting on nail polish too often.

– Eat right for healthy, strong nails. To maintain healthy, strong nails, consume food items with lots of vitamins A, B12 and C, as well as calcium and phosphorus. A diet rich in fruits and veggies will help maintain the health of your nails.

– Moisturizing and hydrating your nails. Finally, moisturize and hydrate your nails. Drink plenty of water and use cuticle creams, softeners or lotions to maintain the moisture on your nails. Applying lotion before you go to bed is another great way to moisture and hydrate them. By following these tips, you can easily maintain the health and beauty of your nails, no matter how many times you slather on nail polish to keep them manicured and polished.

Doing Your Home Manicure

169Doing your own manicure at home can save you a lot of money and that can be necessary in the economical situation of the United States and even the world. Saving some money in nail care and spending it somewhere you really need it can make your life a lot easier.

To start with you need to make a decision if you are looking for false and artificial nails, and not a natural nail manicure. If you want false nails then this article will not provide you with the information you are looking for since this is intended just for natural nail care.

Starting off with your home nail manicure you might want to soak off your fingers in warm water for a good five to ten minutes. That will soften the dead skin cells of your fingertips and make it easier to file them off. Filing your skin might sound weird but it will make your fingers look a lot healthier, and it will make your cuticles get better faster.

After doing the filing you might want to file your nails to the desired length: always file from the side of the nail towards the center of the nail. That way the structure of the nail will remain in tact and it will remain better looking for a longer time. Add some cuticle oil when you are done and a lot of hand cream to make your hands extra soft. Wear some cotton gloves until the cream has completely absorbed and you are done with your home manicure.