How to Blackhat Your Way to A Successful Instagram

Instagram may be owned by Facebook, but it is in a league of its own when it comes to cracking down on blackhat behavior. There are several ways that trying to beat the system can cause Instagram to suspend your account, but there is a way you can trick their algorithm into thinking that your account is deserving of whatever clandestine strategies you employ.

Novices to the picture sharing social media sensation may not know that Instagram will flag your account in their in-house system if you exceed their hourly limits. It should be mentioned that the company emphatically states they want the network to be spam-free which is why they recommend you to not buy Instagram likes. However, if you follow these techniques then you should be able to slip past their system.

Likes and Follows By The Hour

You need to remember that Instagram’s chief concern is authenticity. They state that all of your interactions should be genuine and sincere. That means if you like and follow in bulk that you’re going to be flagged. It is a good idea to start with a niche and then cast wider once your account grows. I’ll tell you how to get to that point: there are daily limits set to every account, so you’re going to want to use the 60 Rule.

The 60 Rule, in the blackhat community, states that you should like a maximum of 60 photos, follow 60 accounts, and follow 60 users within a 60 minute window to start. As your account grows, you can become more bold. However, if the account is new this boldness should only increase in a responsible way. Wait until you’re getting likes and follows before you make any big increases. A daily quota should be set. Do not exceed 750 for any of those actions. The daily limit is 7,500 so you’re very safe. Your account will grow slower, sure, but it will much safer.

The Trust Score

This is the more technical side of the Instagram spam tracking algorithm. You’re going to want to create “trustworthy” phony accounts to bolster the account that you’re really interested in, If you’re starting a brand new Instagram account then you want to make sure that you start it on a trustworthy IP address. They deem a trustful IP address to be one that does not make multiple accounts. So, if you’re going to be creating a botnet you should use a VPN. However, you want to make sure that when you log into the account it is from an IP address that is trustworthy and a device that is trustworthy, so virtual machines are out. You’ll want to follow the 60 Rule and grow this account to appear trustworthy. If you are able to do this with multiple accounts then you can increase the social authority of the primary account. Once this is set in motion, you’ll begin placing higher within their algorithm and your organic growth is going to smash through the ceiling.