Shopping for Resort Wear for Our Private Swim Resort at Home

We live out in the middle of nowhere. We do not have any neighbors close by. Our closest neighbor is about three miles away. We do not have a really fancy home, but it is nice. We do have a fully enclosed pool area. One of the features is glass that turns frosted when you hit a switch giving you total privacy. We dress modestly when we are swimming in public, but I can wear some resort wear when it is just my husband and I in our own pool. I found some swimwear in various patterns and colors that I wear at home when we are swimming.

We like to take a midnight swim when there is a full moon. We hit the switch to frost the glass on the walls and leave the overhead panels clear to see the sky, stars and the moon. It is very romantic. We have a hot tub too that is very enjoyable on cool nights. I like to buy new resort wear to wear at home. We work together from home and we spend almost all of our time together. Some couples cannot understand how we can be so close after spending so much time together. I think us spending so much time together helps us be very close. We enjoy being together.

We keep our relationship fresh and vibrant and never take each other for granted. We laugh and play as well as work together to earn our living. This is completely normal for us, and we think this is how family should be. We are not seeking to impress anyone else except each other. That is one of the reasons I do keep on shopping online for resort wear to wear at our own little swim resort we have at home.