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Shopping for Resort Wear for Our Private Swim Resort at Home

We live out in the middle of nowhere. We do not have any neighbors close by. Our closest neighbor is about three miles away. We do not have a really fancy home, but it is nice. We do have a fully enclosed pool area. One of the features is glass that turns frosted when you hit a switch giving you total privacy. We dress modestly when we are swimming in public, but I can wear some resort wear when it is just my husband and I in our own pool. I found some swimwear in various patterns and colors that I wear at home when we are swimming.

We like to take a midnight swim when there is a full moon.

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How To Choose The Perfect Nail Design

175Professionally done nails are simply stunning and they will complete your elegant look. You definitely will love pampering yourself with a manicure and you will have the final look of the nails. French manicures have been and remain popular and acrylic nail designs are even more popular today. There are so many options when it comes to nail art and you will find designs that appeal to you the most. But how do you select the perfect one for you?

Browse your options – Nail salons have displays of designs that are pre-done on fake nails. The display can help you select a design you find most pleasant as well as the colors. If you cannot find a design that makes you happy, then you can always think of something unique and let your nail designer bring it to life for you.

Colors – Nail polish is today available in all colors and hues. Think about your outfits and personality when it comes to the color. For instance, even though you do not necessarily have to match your nail polish with your outfit colors, you might not feel very comfortable wearing bold colors such as red and neon green. Choose a color you are bound to be comfortable wearing. Remember that most nail designs come with more than one color, hence the importance of choosing colors that complement each other.

Consider you occupation – The truth is that some jobs will not offer you the freedom to play around with nail designs as you wish. Most only allow French tips and will not accept edgy designs on the nails. It therefore is important to consider how acceptable the design you are about to get is going to be. If you are a professional working in an office, then it might be a good idea to tone it down and stick to neutral colors and simple designs that do not still the show. The same applies to when you are going for an interview; do not allow nail designs to give the wrong impression of you, stick to neutrals.

Occasion – This is another factor that can help you make the right decision with nail designs. Designers are very creative and have actually come up with designs to match given occasions such as Christmas. You can therefore make your choice depending on the occasion or season. If you are not very sure of what options you have, you can always select from the various designs readily available.

Maintenance – Nail art design maintenance will usually depend on the type of nail polish used, the application technique and the elements used in the design. Some of the designs have things such as studs and stars included and others will have glittery layers. Think about your everyday tasks and the effects they are going to have on your nail art. The type of nail polish and the application method will also determine how soon you need a refill or a redo of the design so always make these considerations.

Latest Trend in Gel Nails

174In today’s world nail art is not restricted to application of nail paints. If you do not possess good nails, you need not worry about them. You have the option of Acrylic nails and Gel nails. They both give a real look and make it difficult to distinguish between the natural and fake ones. However as the gel nails are natural in their approach they are fast gaining popularity. They provide users with natural product that is non toxic. You will not have any ill-effect of this product.

Gel nails are made up of monomer gel and pre-mixed polymer. Gel is applied to the nails and then it is treated with UV lights. In case the nails are not treated with UV lights then special gel activator is used. They add sheen to the nails and help in improving its length. These are low in maintenance. The non-yellowing quality makes it more popular. A person with brittle nails, which gets damaged easily, can opt for them. Acrylic nails emit an odour, which could become bothersome for some. These will not emit a bad odour.

Generally the paint on the surface of artificial nail discharges foul odour. When you have false nails you do not want everybody to know about it. However, the foul odour will make it obvious that you have one. With Gel nails, you do not have to worry about such odour. You will not be happy if others are able to find out that the long shiny nails you have are not the real ones. So to avoid such embarrassment, it is best that you use them.

The other important feature of them is that they do not turn yellow easily, unlike acrylic ones. You cannot stop the yellowing of acrylic nails. Gel nails also turn yellow but then it takes longer time to do so. The brightness do not fade away easily and they look new for longer time. These are reliable because of their durability. When you knock your fingers against something hard, acrylic nails will break down but these ones will not. Since they are flexible they do not breakdown easily.

Gel nails are perfect solutions for weak nails that break easily. Having good looking beautiful nails is very essential for today’s women. These types of fake nails provide wide options to the consumers. You can choose from vibrant colors and varied designs to sober and simple ones. Few things to remember before going for this nail treatment, it is better to have your hands manicured in advanced. Clear nails and clean cuticles will give better results. You can try them to find their advantages. They are very stylish too and a must have for modern women.

The Advantages of Using Gel Nail Polish

173Gel polish helps you to get durable and wonderful nail finish. The modern women visit beauty parlors to decorate stunning colors on them. The use of gel for manicuring is not a recent practice.

The fashionable women have been using it for more than two decades. The recent popularity of this gel for decoration is driven by the advancement of science and technology. It is now easier and safer to use this type of gel than the earlier times. Here are a few benefits of using wonderful polish for decoration.

Drying Session

High quality polishes use ultraviolet light and become dry within a few seconds. This fast drying feature allows you to put on closed-toe footwear, even after a long pedicure session. These lights help to harden the gel and do not burn the skin.


The Gelish colors last for nearly two to three weeks. The scope for chipping is minimized. They look like they were done only a few minutes ago.

Innovative finish

Skilled beauticians use the spectacular paints to embellish the nails. You cannot make them look attractive with the help of plain paints.

Damage free

Such paint does not damage your parts. Like traditional polish, it can be applied directly on them. Plus, it helps to retain the natural look. The chance of extensive filling is removed.

Allow change of color temporarily

If you wish to change the color to match your gown, then you must use conventional paint on the nails painted with gel. You can easily remove it with the help of a remover.

Increases the beauty of your nails

When nails grow, you may find tiny gaps at the bottom. Gaps are the signs of growth. You can visit a salon for treatment. Gel polish is your alternative option to fill the space and preserve their beauty. Plus, you can do it quickly.


You do not have to visit the parlor every week and bear huge expenses of the salon. You can buy the innovative gel colors to decorate them. However, you have to practice and learn how to paint them in a stylish way. Buying the paint is a valuable investment.

Works like conventional polish

Like the traditional polish, the stunning gel paint is simple to use. Plus, you can get multiple benefits. You are unable to get such benefits from the conventional polish.

Good for working women

It is a viable option for the working women who do not have time to visit a salon on a regular basis. Gel polish continues for at least two to three months.

The thought of maintaining decorative and manicured nails is amazing. Fake nails fail to accomplish desirable results. It is one of the reasons behind the popularity of these paints. You can save cash as you do not pay a technician to adorn them.

The Various Kinds Of Artificial Nail Ideas For Women

172The sophisticated appearance of artificial nails is quite hard to differentiate them from the original ones. There are diverse kinds of these items that are available in the market such as gel polish, wrap as well as press nails. They have diverse compositions, methodologies as well as costs that are involved in the development of these body products. This article will highlight on a few types of artificial items that are available for women for exclusive decoration.

Acrylic Nails

They are considered to be one of the best items that are available for women in the current times. When the original ones become rough and broken, the chemical elements are usually applied on them to develop their appearance. When the chemical compounds are applied and they are dried up properly, they become elongated that again can be usually shaped into desirable style as well as length. They are also considered to be durable as well as long lasting items and they are easily available in the market to the users at affordable price rates. Plus, they do not have to face any sort of problem in order to remove them.

Gel nails

In order to create this type of item, liquid gel is mixed and it is then placed under a high quality ultra violet lamp. This type of technique is applied in order to cure your natural ones and they can be easily shaped in desirable styles. Those who are formed from the non ultraviolet lamp are formed with the help of special type of activators. They look like the original ones and they do not produce foul odor or perfume like normal polishes.

Wrap Nails

They are considered to be one of the best techniques to repair damaged fingernails and other associated problems. They are mostly used to develop their extension as well as to strengthen their tips like never before. Thin layers that are made from silk, tissue, fiber are applied to them and they are usually attached to them with the help of high quality glue. They do not cause damage to the original ones and they are easy to be maintained and they can be repaired in the best possible way.

Press-on nails

They are available in diverse colors, sizes as well as shapes and they are available in different types of departmental shops and stores. They stick to the natural ones with the help of high quality tape and they offer a stunning look to the original one. They can be applied easily and they are available at cost effective price rates.

It is vital to remember that you need to treat them with utmost care and precaution. You should not use them just as scrape or you should use them to pull or pick up things randomly. All you need to do is to get hold of the essential steps that are recommended by salon technicians in order to maintain them effectively. It is advisable that you should maintain artificial ones for at least two or three months in order to avoid infection. If you wish to take help of a salon professional, it is advisable that you should choose one who sticks to safety guidelines in the best possible ways.