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The Benefits Of Wearing False Nails

167Time efficiency is perhaps one of the leading reasons to wear false nails; the reason being that artificial glue-on nails can be done anytime, anywhere with the correct equipment in comparison to having bottles of nail polish, containers full of brushes, and q-tips, and also those little decorations all over the place. In addition, it only takes a matter of minutes to complete your new look. In fact, in the time that it takes to receive a manicure in a salon, one could probably have finished not only gluing artificial nails onto their hands, but also got a pedicure with false nails. The fact that they are time efficient makes them perfect for the busiest person, and for any occasion. It’s perfect for those who possess such a busy schedule that even visiting a nail salon is difficult. Just glue the artificial nails on during your spare time or during any breaks acquired at work or when the children are asleep.

The simplicity of gluing on the nails is amazing. One generally only needs glue and a set of 10 nails that are already created in the perfect size for their hands. Literally, all that needs to be done is standard gluing. Do be careful of the glue provided as the glue for artificial glue-on nails is generally extremely strong, and when in contact with skin can cause either cause irritation or pain. Taking artificial glue-on nails off is just as easy; acetone removers will quickly remove the nail easily and pain-free. No residue remains, and removing and putting on nails only take a couple of minutes!

Manicured nails freshly done from the salon are prone to chipping; within a week or two. Chipping usually occurs to the majority of the nails for those frequently doing chores. False nails, however, normally last for long periods of time as they are less prone to chipping and therefore perfect for any activity. Generally, the life expectancy of artificial glue-on nails is double that of salon nails. Artificial glue-on nails also do not break as easily as actual nails.

Artificial glue-on nails also come in a wide variety of styles, and some nails are decorated in ways that would take hours to actually do. Artificial glue-on nails come in a variety of materials, and designs. One can get perfect French-manicured nails within minutes for a business meeting or change to a cute design for a date out. The whole process of maintaining nails becomes stress free and easy. Change designs within minutes to suit different occasions in qualities that are incomparable to salon work.

Getting false nails is a great idea due to all of the benefits that it offers. They are also available almost anywhere, and easy to attain. Not to mention, the prices associated with artificial nails are much cheaper if not exactly the same as salon nails, except with care, it is possible to preserve these artificial glue-on nails for later.


Fake UV Gel Nails For Healthier Appeal!

166Well manicured hands, long curvy, well-polished nails can certainly leave many heads turn and gasp for another look of your beautiful hands. If your nails aren’t really enhancing your personality, opt for artificial UV gel nail that are safe, light and sophisticated. If your finger nails are too soft and keep chipping, UV nail gels provide you a perfect solution by rendering your nails with an enviable glamorous and sleek look.

UV Gel nail are one of the types available in artificial nails. The other types include non-UV gel nails, acrylic nails, wrap nails and solar nails. UV Gel nails perfectly match up to working women looking forward to maintain a gorgeous appeal every day. Since UV gel nails are absolutely odor free and curable, they are a perfect wear for your office and vacations. Experts say that these gel nails are much better than acrylic nails since they have a comfortable fit and a natural appeal. They are sleek and non-porous, thus, there is not even the slightest of chance in infecting any fungal ailment. These nails not only look gorgeous, but also protect your nails from yellowing, breaking, chipping and incurring other damages.

These nails stay lustrous and longer than your regular nail paint. Owing to their extremely light weight and comfort fit, sometimes, you don’t even realize you’re donning fake nails. You can trim or shape them without the fear of their breakage or crack as they are strong and durable enough to hold through the pressure. And not to forget, removing these nails isn’t a nightmare like others. You don’t have to soak your nails into some weird solution for hours. They can be easily removed by filing them off.

These nail accessories are a perfect wear for those seeking to make their own style statement. Due to the natural look of these nails, they boost in you oodles of courage to flaunt them in public and get a few head-turners admiring your new assets. These nails are not only your personality enhancers but also help you cure your otherwise dull looking nails. Once you apply them directly to your nail bed, they can be cured within 2-3 minutes under the UV lamp, thus, offering a permanent solution to all your nail ailments. Unlike acrylics, which keep breaking and chipping on and off, these durable UV nail gels are long lasting and ever-lustrous. Now, doesn’t that save you time and money spent on regular visits to the salon to get the acrylic nails fixed?

Now you know the secret behind the beautiful luring nails. So, go and get these UV gel nail today from a popular brand and bedazzle every one with the beauty of your hands.

Can a Nail Technician Make a Decent Living Doing Acrylic Nails & Nail Art Designs?

Here is a question that most people looking to become a nail technician ask themselves. For some, becoming a nail tech is something to do to supplement their current income.

However, there are nail technicians that are making a living at doing nails and have gone beyond treating their nail business as a hobby. Today’s techs are getting super savvy at how they are marketing their business and realizing a nice income in the process.

Part of their success has been due to online technology and the internet. Online technology has opened doors to reaching a larger audience to market to. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are helping to network and build relationships with many people on daily basis creating an avenue to attract more and keep more clients.

YouTube has opened the door for nail technicians to put their work in front of 100’s of people daily enabling them to brand themselves as an expert in their industry.

The internet also makes beauty marketing information available at the push of a button. Nail techs can find information online you probably won’t find at your local library on this subject.

Successful nail salons will tell you the main ingredients to making money as a nail tech is knowing how to get clients, keep them, and get a ton of referrals consistently. They rely on good marketing combined with good relationship building tools to attract and keep clients coming back month after month.

You should also understand that there is a difference whether you work for yourself or if you work for someone as an employee. You will always make more if you work for yourself and know how to market your business successfully. Your income will usually have a cap if you are employed by a salon which will limit the amount of money you can ultimately make.

It’s possible to make a good income from doing acrylic nails and nail art designs if you market your business successfully. Just like any other business you have to work at it daily. The beauty industry is a very large industry with many opportunities to make money. It’s a profession that has many rewards when approached correctly.

Want to know how successful nail technicians market their business and make money?

Get a free Nail Technician marketing course that covers step by step: How to create Flyers and Brochures that pulls clients like crazy, How to get referrals, How to get clients, How to use Social networking for marketing and more.

An Introduction to Acrylic Nails

164Artificial nails are also called acrylic nails because these aren’t naturally grown on the top of our fingers. If you cannot grow your own fingernails, you can resort to using acrylic nails and enjoy good looking nails for special occasions or even daily wear.

These nails give unnatural length to short and brittle nails. They are glued on to your natural nails and can give a stunning effect as they come in a variety of designs and patterns.

How acrylic nails are made: Often, women wear these acrylic nails to prevent themselves from biting their nails. With acrylic nails this is possible since they are strong, impossible to chew and are created by mixing a powder and a liquid called Ethyl Methacrylate (EMA). When mixed together, they form a thick mix that can be easily applied to the finger tips and color your natural nails.

Applying acrylic nails at a salon: These nails can be applied at home or at a salon, though it can be very time-consuming. Before you opt for this, speak to your friends or family for their opinions. Next, make a booking at the salon but not before you check that the salon has put up its licenses clearly for everyone to see; that it is a clean place; and that their staff washes their hands before starting work with you and that the ventilation is good. Expect to spend $20-$100, depending on the technique used, kind of application, training and quality of polishing on the nails. You will have to go back to the salon every two weeks. Each session could last an hour or more.

Applying it at home: You will have to practice a lot at home before you can get anywhere near a professional’s expertise. Before you begin, check that you have these tools of the trade: a nail brush, a buffer, liquid and powder acrylic and acrylic clippers.

How to apply acrylic nails: Clean your nails, dry them, and push the cuticles back. Apply fitting tips where your natural nail ends. Next, mix the powder and liquid and drop a small bead of the mix on to the nail from the brush. Keep doing this until a natural curve appears. Now, trim your nails to the length you choose to have. If there is any excess powder or nail dust, brush it off now. You may choose to buff your nails now. Your acrylic nails are ready.

Caring for your nails: By caring for your nails, you can make them last longer and look better. If you take the best care of them, you will not have to replace them often, making investing in them cost-effective.

Taking them off: If you want to take off your acrylic nails, don’t resort to snapping them off because this can harm your natural nail that’s growing below it. Instead, have it removed by a specialist or soak your nails in acetone. To protect your cuticles and fingers, apply a coating of Vaseline, and then soak them in acetone for 30 minutes. After this, they will come off naturally.

Beauty Therapy Level 2: Diploma Requirements

163When looking at different schools, and deciding which course to take, it seems pretty basic. Beginners usually start out at a one, and then work their way up as they learn new skills. In some situations, certain students may qualify to skip a course based on their previous education and skills. Other students will follow the traditional route, but are usually pretty eager to learn more about what they will learn as they go through a beauty therapy level 2 course. These are just a few of the key skills that a student must master in order to earn a beauty therapy level 2 diploma.


Waxing is an important part of beauty therapy level 2 courses. While it may seem simple, when wax is too hot it can cause harmful burns that can result in a significant injury, and a possible lawsuit. Was strips must also be removed very quickly to successfully remove hair, and to minimize the discomfort of the patient. Students that are taking a beauty therapy level 2 course will learn all of this.

Nail Treatments

Manicures and pedicures require a lot more than just painting a few nails. Experienced nail technicians will need to know how to properly remove calluses without causing an injury, push back and cut cuticles, which also has to be done carefully, and how to properly paint a nail using different types of polish. Fake nails are another skill that will need to be learned. While these may seem basic, salons are known for providing high quality manicures and pedicures that last, and students that are taking level 2 beauty therapy courses will learn all of this.

Make Up

Doing make up is one of the most fun parts of courses for many students. They often enjoy learning how to do the perfect cat eyeliner and how to contour a face. Learning the proper make up techniques and terminology will help every single student learn everything that they need to know to make their customers look fabulous, to make their own make up better than ever, and to learn what they need to know in order to get their level 2 beauty therapy diploma.


There is a lot more to working in a top notch salon than being able to make customers look great. A stylist with the best of skills will not be able to make their customer happy if they are not able to practice effective communication. Every student that wants a career in this field will need to know how to work well with other people, and how to communicate well with clients.

For example, many clients walk into a salon with a vision in their head of what they would like to walk out of the salon looking like. It is up to the stylist to speak with the client, and grasp this vision so that they can provide the transformation that the client wants. If the client is unhappy, it is then up to the stylist to fix their work the best that they can in order to make the customer happy, and guarantee that they are in love with their new look. This requires every stylist to be an expert when it comes to communication skills.

Other skills that students in these courses include, but are not limited to: reception skills, health and safety, eyelash extensions, how to have a consultation with a client, retail skills that are an important part of a salon and more. Many schools have a complete list of the requirements available on their website, but these are the primary things that are covered during coursework.